Five Ways to Fix Microphone Not Working on Windows 10

You need to choose Uninstall for the second time. Now, go to the Microsoft Teams page and download and install the app. Here’s how you can set the correct microphone for Teams. Press the Change button under the ‘Microphone access for this device is’ section and turn on the button.

  • Zoom offers advanced tools to improve audio playback, but they can sometimes have the opposite effect.
  • For instance, Alienware PCs ship with SupportAssist that scans for outdated drivers, hardware issues, and so on.
  • People have reported that when their meeting includes a significant number of people, their microphones are automatically muted/muted.

If your USB device is listed in Device Manager by its name, restarting the computer might resolve the issue. If the microphone is not working with Skype, change the default microphone to resolve the issue. Sometimes turning off sound enhancements can resolve issues with the microphone. An old audio driver can cause devices to function incorrectly. If your microphone doesn’t work, the sound is too low, or other microphone audio issues occur, troubleshoot until the issue is resolved. If you are unable to record your audio while playing games in Windows 10 then this method will help you fix microphone issues in Windows 10.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working Windows 10

Look for a confirmation status that the microphone you are using is ready to use with the computer. In your Start menu, search for “Device Manager.” You can also search for “Devmgmt.msc” from the Run command by pressing Win + R. Netflix should completely close, and you can now open it again as per usual. I have a brand new HP notebook using Windows 10.

In case the audio is still connected to an external Bluetooth device, your internal microphone will not be able to play the audio. Disconnect your accessories appropriately after use to avoid this confusion. Your device may have multiple options available to access the sound input.

Try these next steps:

Now, with the Sync Contacts option enabled, just wait for the server to re-sync your contacts. Follow the in-app instructions to configure your Telegram settings. Moreover, you can try to clear the cache and, eventually, reinstall the app, if the problem repeats.

So, if absolutely nothing repairs the microphone problem on your computer system, you need to utilize your phone’s sound. Right-click the speaker icon on the Windows taskbar and then select Sound settings. You can also access this through the Windows 11 Settings app.

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